Even in the best of times, suppliers are limited in their access to and understanding of markets foreign to them. Counterfactually, without trusted partners and access to local sales and distribution infrastructure, vendors and exporters will always struggle to place product strategically - even with best intentions.


The consequences of this disconnect are exacerbated in times of crisis. Both suppliers and end-customers are immediate targets for fraud. Panic-buyers seed further panic-buying and inventory reserves are quickly exhausted. The entire procurement cycle shifts backwards in time; the market quickly becomes a target for opportunistic middlemen and speculative traders, who take advantage of price volatility.

Our Mission


We are on a mission to permanently solve these problems.


Our Approach


We believe that with:


Modern software and technology.

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Compliant and accessible product claims, certification, and documentation.

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 Access to capital markets so that your history as a business or healthcare provider speaks for itself. 

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To fund innovation at the production level and make better more comfortable products at more affordable pricing. We can work together to lower costs for our healthcare workers and government workers, and make better, more effective products.

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Modern Global Sourcing and its partners leverage a collective 83 years of capital markets, manufacturing, international trade experience with best-in-class technical and regulatory architecture and adherence to our fundamental principles to construct resilient, fully financed, vertically integrated supply chains. So that you pay a best-in-class, fair-market price – and can spend your money

where it counts most:

Saving lives.